Japan has the best car aftercare & Parts in the world
We will introduce "Japanese quality" and "Technology" to the world and support overseas export and sales.

Business content

Car events in each region of Japan

Host car events (Various off-party) in each prefecture

Case ① Kansai Porsche Off Meeting is held twice a year (Location: Port Island)
Case ② Car & Green tea (Held once a month in Maishu 7am~9am)
Case ③ Offset king (Overseas famous car meeting support)

Selling used and new car parts on overseas internet shopping sites

AUTOBACS, SUPER AUTOBACS, AUTOBACS We will sell new and used parts handled in the Secohan market on the new company's online shopping site, and at the same time make them available for purchase overseas.

Make the Holy Land that car lovers can get together

★ Garage
(Display world-famous vehicles)
★ Cafe
(Handles light meals and soft drinks)
★ Photo Space 
(Create a place where you can take a cool picture of the vehicle)
★ Product sales Space
(Selling popular apparel and miscellaneous goods in Japan)


Create a space where customers from all over the world want to stop by

Create various different spaces and create play areas

Save money by arranging containers in the warehouse. Always make the layout changeable

Create a relaxing space

Store a world-famous car in Japan instead of a warehouse and create a garage where visitors can come to see it

Malaysia Museum

Complete car production

Selling used vehicles as compliment cars with original design parts attached
Target vehicle use: Foreign vehicles such as Porsche, VW, Audi, BMW, Benz
All paint, aero parts, height adjustment suspension, wheels, tires